Version 4.0.28

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Interim Update

now you can change the interim update time from sas 4 instead of mikrotik

Set When To Send Expiration SMS

Now you can decide when the expiration message will be sent 
 days before the expiration

Lock extensions to work on specific profiles

Now you can decide which profiles have the permission to use which extension service

New Colors for users

User status color can now show dual status, such as oline + expired.

Phone and address in users list Now

Consumed traffic progress bar

Delay user dialup

This option is useful to prevent service abuse by some users when trying to use multiple connections using same account

POS permssion

Managers with POS permmission can search for any user in the system using its username, phone, firstname or lastname. Yet they can't see any users in the list without searching for them.

Rreports to show online and active users

added reports to show the number of the online and active users daily , monthly , hourly ...

Password recovery

Users can now restore their forgotten password from the UCP login page. Password will be sent to their registered email.

Deposits & Withdrawals report

This report is for admin managers, shows all transfers made by all managers.

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